PTS and Masten Space joining forces on lunar exploration
22 Nov

PTS and Masten Space joining forces on lunar exploration

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The Berlin-based new space company Planetary Transportation Systems (PTS) and the US space company

Masten Space Systems have agreed on an extensive cooperation towards lunar exploration. This cooperation’s includes the development of commercial lunar logistics solutions and spacecrafts that will deliver payloads to the Moon. Both further agreed to join forces towards the NASA Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) program. The agreement between PTS and Masten Space was signed on Friday.

The US space company Masten Space is an established NASA partner for many years and specialized in the development of reusable landing systems for use on the Moon. The Berlin space company PTS has been a development partner of the German Space Agency (DLR) for many years, as well as Contractor of the European Space Agency (ESA). With a focus on systems engineering, flight software development, communications and avionics, PTS is strategically positioned to provide commercial lunar logistics as a fully European solution.

Masten Space, winner of the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge, funded by XPRIZE and NASA, and PTS, winner of two Terrestrial Milestone Prize Awards from Google, complement each other and form a strong and highly qualified team.


# About the European robotics Moon Mission – EURMoon

Together with its technology partner ArianeGroup, PTS is committed to establishing independent European access to the Moon. PTS and ArianeGroup support the initiative of the Space Task Force Joint Understanding recently concluded between France and Germany with the aim of a first European robotic lunar mission by 2023. With the European Robotics Moon Mission – EURMoon, PTS aims to bring Europe to the Moon.

# About the NASA CLPS program

In response to Europe’s space ambitions with visions like the ESA Moon Village, NASA has put its focus back on to the Moon. With the 2.6 billion US Dollar Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) program, NASA is awarding contracts to specially selected US companies such as Masten Space, commercial lunar cargo services. These deliveries will serve as the basis for humanities return to the Moon.

# About Planetary Transportation Systems

As a member of the Zeitfracht Group, PTS offers cost-effective and reliable lunar logistics. The company’s goal is to develop and establish commercial lunar infrastructure. Reducing cost and complexity of future missions to the Moon. With its experienced engineering team, PTS offers, among other things, contract and development services in the aerospace sector. In addition to commercial clients, its customers also include space agencies such as the European ESA.



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