Zeitfracht Group takes over the flight school of TFC Käufer
12 Feb

Zeitfracht Group takes over the flight school of TFC Käufer

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Berlin/Essen, 16 January 2020

German Airways will train its own pilots in future. The Zeitfracht Group, the parent company of German Airways, is taking over the flight school of the traditional Essen-based company TFC-Käufer.

For Zeitfracht, the training offers for the ATPL and MPL licenses are particularly important for German Airways. The purchase will ensure that the training of its own pilots is of the highest quality. The Zeitfracht Group will also take over the 15 training aircraft from TFC Käufer. The existing training programmes for commercial aircraft pilots will also continue to be offered unchanged. The training company, founded in 1981 with around 50 employees, was previously owned by the founding family. Managing Director Christian Käufer, son of company founder Rolf Käufer, will remain in his position as Managing Director.

Dominik Wiehage, COO of the Zeitfracht Group: “TFC Käufer is a well-established company with an excellent reputation in the industry. It was important for us to secure this competence for the pilots of our flight operations in the long term and to continue to have well-trained personnel in the future. But this also means that we are committed to continuity within TFC Käufer. So we are looking forward to a cooperation that will ultimately be much closer than originally planned.”

Christian Käufer, Managing Director of TFC-Käufer: “There are a lot of changes in the aviation industry right now. This makes it all the more important for our company to have a strong partner at its side. We have been talking to Zeitfracht for some time and have now agreed to take over the flight school. In taking this step, it was very important to both sides that continuity is maintained for TFC Käufer.”

The name TFC Käufer stands in the industry for professional flight training out of passion. The employees of TFC-Käufer are proven experts with high professional competence, who creatively and with great commitment create optimal results – and who enjoy their work and flying. With know-how and commitment, the TFC team creates safety for aviation, for students and for customers.

About the ZEITFRACHT Group
The Zeitfracht Group is an owner-managed family business in its third generation with more than 3,000 employees and headquarters in Berlin and Leipzig. The company is primarily active in the three business segments logistics, aviation and real estate.
About TFC Käufer
TFC Flugbetrieb und -technik Beratungsgesellschaft is one of the largest training providers in aviation in Germany. The medium-sized family business, based in Essen, specializes in the professional training of commercial airline pilots as well as the training and continuing education of cockpit crews for various well-known airlines. TFC GmbH employs 50 permanent employees and 300 freelancers.


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