4 Nov

New Zeitfracht project enables comprehensive location and status tracking of freight containers

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Berlin/Erfurt, November 4, 2020. Together with tech company PTS (Planetary Transportation Systems), Zeitfracht has launched a development project that enables comprehensive location and status tracking of freight containers.

Extensive sensor technology in the container provides a whole range of information. In addition to the location, it is possible to determine, for example, whether the container is being moved, how the temperature or weight of the container is changing, whether there is water in the container or gas leaking out, when the doors are opened, what percentage of the container is loaded, where its center of gravity is, and even whether packages in the container are damaged. The evaluation of all this data enables further decisive optimization in logistics.

The new system is unique: with this scope of information, tracking containers has not been possible before. The data is a valuable basis for logistics companies to optimize their operations. Tracking can do much more than just ensure that goods are no longer lost. Satellite tracking means that data can also be supplied and analyzed from transport by sea, something that has not been possible until now.

Technically, the system is based on a small, battery-powered box that is clipped into a groove in the container wall. The box is equipped with a variety of sensors; similar systems are also used by an autonomously driving car. The data from the sensors is transmitted, if not otherwise possible also by satellite, and evaluated with a software. This software is also being jointly developed and optimized by PTS and Zeitfracht. The sensor boxes can also exchange data with each other if, for example, there are several Zeitfracht containers in a depot.

This allows logistics operators to determine at any time exactly where the swap bodies are, what condition they are in and how they are loaded. The system can be applied to all types of containers. It will not only be used for Zeitfracht Logistik’s approximately 750 containers, but will also be marketed externally.


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