17 Nov

Buchkatalog.de named trend store 2021 / COMPUTER BILD and Statista determine “climber of the year”

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Stuttgart, November 17, 2020. The platform Buchkatalog.de of the media wholesaler KNV Zeitfracht was named “Trend Shop 2021. Rising Star of the Year” by COMPUTER BILD in cooperation with the market research institute Statista. The platform was certified by the testers as having outstanding growth and excellent technical quality. In addition to the online store www.buchkatalog.de, around 1,000 online stores of bookstores also rely on the Buchkatalog.de platform. KNV Zeitfracht provides the bookstores with the store system under the name “E-Commerce Solutions” (ECS). Sales across all stores based on E-Commerce Solutions increased almost eightfold during the lockdown from March to June. They are currently more than twice as high as in the previous year.

COMPUTER BILD and Statista tested a total of more than 10,000 German-language online stores. The 750 “up-and-comers of the year” awarded showed the greatest growth in terms of access figures and sales over the past two years. The study by COMPUTERF BILD and Statista also included technical quality features of the stores.

The E-Commerce Solutions store system provides bookstores with a professional online store with many individual design options. The bookstores’ online customers have access to KNV Zeitfracht’s complete range of books and non-books, including print-on-demand titles and e-books: More than five million items in total can be ordered via the stores.

The Buchkatalog.de platform registers around one and a half million users a year. To provide bookstores with additional sales opportunities online during the Corona pandemic, KNV Zeitfracht has integrated all interested bookstores as pick-up points in Buchkatalog.de since mid-October. Previously, only booksellers using a store based on E-Commerce Solutions were listed on Buchkatalog.de. Online customers can select a bookstore near them as their “favorite bookstore” when placing an order. In addition, the option of home delivery will soon be activated on Buchkatalog.de.

“We are very pleased to receive this award,” says Thomas Raff, management spokesman for KNV Zeitfracht. “Our teams did everything possible during the lockdown in the spring to support bookstores during this difficult time. For example, we activated a dedicated store within 24 hours for bookstores that didn’t yet have an online store.” In addition, the e-commerce team integrated various social media campaigns and participated in overarching marketing campaigns such as “Friendship for Reading” and “Shop at Home.”


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